When my own two children were infants, I took dozens and dozens of photographs. The days were passing quicker than I ever could imagine, and I wanted someting tangiable to remember them by. Armed with an iphone and big-girl-camera, I set out to capture each and every moment — photographic keepsakes — all to treasure as my little ones grew and grew.

Now at 6 and 3, their newborn selves have been replaced by ever curious & rambunctious children, running through the house like forces of nature — way too quick to harness. Now, to recall those milk-drunk nights and warm bodies laying heavy on my chest, I have only memories.... and greatfully, the photographs that line our halls.

Over the years, I have been honored to work with hundreds of wonderful new parents to capture their own precious memories. Those incredible, hazy, sleepy, MAGICAL early moments of their young family's lives when everything is all at once new and overwhelming & life-changing. Bringing a new baby into the world isn't for the weak of heart - and it's something to be celebrated, to be cherished, to be captured and remembered!

I'm in love with those tiny details - their flaked skin, milk blisters and crinkled feet. Chubby bellys and thighs, gummy smiles and bright eyes.... I'm in love with the LOVE that brings babies into this world and that's why I do what I do - and that's why I want to be welcomed into your family to create beautiful pieces of art for you to cherish all the years of your life.

I have always been drawn to the arts... Beginning in illustration, then moving into graphic design and publishing - and now finally settling into photography where I feel I have found my forever voice. With that voice I want to help tell the story of your little ones first precious years through timeless and simple portraits!

I can't wait to be your photographer,


in tiny details and fleeting moments is where I find the most Inspiration.


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